Daily Work Schedule


Thanks to the built in Daily Work Schedule you'll be able to set, track and appoint tasks up to 14 days in advance. Meaning that you and your staff will be working in sync. 


This not only helps keep you on schedule, but also helps save money as time lost to tasks being completed late or not done at all can add up.



Pass repairs section allows users to record any faults, defects and repairs that may occur around the building/site to be logged in detail.

The systems Repair section also allows you to print worksheets or job cards with details of the fault(s) for your staff to repair the defects efficiently.

If the job can't be done your own staff, then you can also set the system to raise works orders with the appropriate contractors via email. It even has the facility to show reports of the works orders so the costs with your contractors can be monitored.


Not only does it track your ongoing repairs, the system also provides a full and detailed repairs history, so not matter how big or small the job you have the ability to look back and find out how many times specific items have been repaired and also monitor the costs associated with those repairs.



The contractor’s section provides a list of all of your contractors and any documentation regarding your contractors can be stored with their company’s details.


The system can also save the names of the contractor’s staff and log when any induction training has been carried out along with any certificates that may be required (DBS for example).


All of your annual contracts can also be stored in here along with renewal dates, so you know when contracts and contractor’s insurance is due for renewal.

Asset Management


Pass Management Systems Asset Register allows you to maintain a list of the fixed and removable Assets within your premises.


Each Asset can be assigned a unique number and Pass MS will provide the facility to print barcode labels to apply to each item.


Also each asset can be added to the repairs section, so you can see what assets have been repaired and what those repairs have cost you since owning that asset. 



This Module will log all accidents and incidents that occur on your site, with a documents box attached to each accident/incident too as well as the ability to add photographs and witness statements if need - this is the perfect module to ensure that your staff and visitors are kept as safe as possible. 


Not only will help keep people safe, but should an incident ever occur the detailed documentation saved securely on the system will also assist you in the future should local authorities every inspect or investigate your health and safety practices. 

Training Courses


With the addition of our Training Courses module you can make sure not only does your building/site stay in shape, but so too can your staff.


The module allows you to put PowerPoint presentations, videos or links to training course onto the system for your staff or contractors to complete as and when required.


You can even create questionnaires to test your staff afterwards to ensure they truly understand the training provided to them while also adding it to their employee record on the system.

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