The Pass Management system has been designed to aid Businesses with their building compliance and maintenance tasks throughout the year whether they are outsourced or delivered in-house. The system allows you to control your routine and planned maintenance as well as reactive repairs of your premises and assets.

Designed by highly experienced Site Managers, Systems Analysts and Technical Programmers with many years experience the system has been made extremely user friendly. The easy to use software allows you to make decisions regarding the maintenance and when and by whom it is carried out. This provides a cost effective operation providing both guidance and control of your day-to-day activities ensuring compliance, efficiency and legality.

The Benefits

  • Cuts your operating costs & time

  • Provides a complete and visible audit trail

  • Simple to use and install

  • Everything is in one central place

  • Helps to make you legally compliant

  • Provides management with an action overview and historical compliance

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