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Maintenance is an important factor in quality assurance, which is another basis for the successful competitive edge. Inconsistencies in equipment lead to variability in product characteristics and result in defective parts that fail to meet the established specifications. Beyond just preventing breakdowns, it is necessary to keep equipment operating within specifications (i.e. process capability) that will produce high level of quality.

Good maintenance management is important for the company cost control. As companies go in for automation to become more competitive, they increasingly rely on equipment to produce a greater percentage of their output. It becomes more important that, equipment operate reliably within specifications. The cost of idle time is higher as equipment becomes more high-tech and expensive.

Dependability of service is one of the performance measures by which a company can distinguish itself from others. To establish a competitive edge and to provide good customer service, companies must have reliable equipment that will respond to customer demands when needed. Equipment must be kept in reliable condition without costly work stoppage and down time due to repairs, if the company is to remain productive and competitive.

Many manufacturing organizations, particularly those with Just-in-time programs are operating with inventories so low that, they offer no protection in the event of a lengthy equipment failure. Beyond the cost of idle equipment, idle labor, and lost ales that can result from a breakdown, there is a danger of permanently losing market shares to companies that are more reliable. Maintenance function can help prevent such as occurrence.

Organizations like airlines and oil refineries have huge investments in the equipment. Equipment failure will be disastrous for such companies. They need proper maintenance to keep the equipment in good condition.

  1. Can you prove all equipment is maintained to the manufactures guide?

  2. Do you know who carried out and when the equipment was last serviced?

  3. Are all records of service could kept in one central place

  4. Can you create reports to show how often machinery has broken down.

  5. How do you plan to prove what you do if the HSE call in?

We can put all of this in place with our easy to use affordable software.

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