Schools do you know what you spend?

At home you keep an eye on the £’s, so do you do keep an eye on them at work?

Here at Pass Management Systems we’ve developed software that will allow you to enter and track each and every cost you incur through repairs or bills so you are able to see just how much you are spending within your facility.

pass Management Systems in Schools

I’m sure more than once one of your school Governors have asked, “How much is this?” or “How much did you end up spending?” finding the right answer isn’t always straight forward, especially if you don’t have the figure to hand.

But thanks to our system that worry is over, within a couple of clicks you can tell them exactly how much you spent, if it’s a repair you can even mention if it has been fixed before and how much it cost then. So if a door for example seems to break a lot, you and the Governors could look at a more robust replacement that may cost more in the short time but will help you save in the long run.

The system also works great as a reminder service, not just for tracking. Not only can the system log and track every contract the school has from small things like a pen supplier to the big deals such as a food supplier. You can also get a quick summary of how much they all cost per month, as well as receiving a reminder ahead of the contracts renewal date, therefore ensuring that you don’t get caught in an auto-renew policy you didn’t want!

Automatically email contractors - Pass Management Systems

The system isn’t just about recording; so long as your contractor’s details are accurate you can even raise repairs. Say that pesky door has broken again, but you’ve gotten the go ahead to replace it. Simply create the work order through the system, it will then automatically record it for future reference as well as email your contractor informing them of the work you require, saving you not jut time but also work as the new more robust door won’t break as often!

If our system sounds like something you’d think would benefit your school or any business that manages a site, then contact us today.

Our free WebEx demonstration means that you can have a personal chat with one of our team members right from the comfort of your desk and at a time that suits you.

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