If an incident happens to your staff, are you prepared?

Too often we read of businesses being taken to court for Health & Safety breaches, many of which have ended in serious harm to staff, contractors and even members of the public.

Now not every incident can be prevented, genuine accidents do happen and no amount of planning in the world will stop these. But what happens when an incident happens and you could have done something before hand to help prevent it, or at least lower the chances of it happening?

If like BT in a recent court hearing, you could be liable for a hefty payout in compensation and legal fee’s. Back in 2011 Mr Spurgeon, a BT engineer was working alone on a roof when he lost balance causing him to fall through the celling and on to the concrete staircase below. The results of this fall meant Mr Spurgeon sustained serious injuries including a broken back and ankle.

BT to pay out in Health & Safety breach - Pass Management Systems

Following a lengthy court process and investigation from Health and Safety Executive (HSE) it was found that BT Management had made several errors in their assessment and preparation of the job, including inadequate planning of work taking place near fragile surfaces and checking that it was carried out safely.

Ultimately the court ruled in favour of Mr Spurgeon, ordering BT to pay out a £500,000 fine and to pay costs of £98,913.51 for breaching Section 2(1) of the Safety and Health at Work etc Act 1974.

HSE inspector Kevin Smith said: “David Spurgeon is lucky to be alive.

“There were a number of failures of health and safety management by BT which related to planning the work, supervision, and checking it was being carried out safely. Work at height needs to be properly planned, and this incident could have been prevented.”

To ensure you avoid situations such as this the best you can, the Pass Management System has been designed to offer a comprehensive planning and preparation system to help you implement daily task management and building compliance.

From scheduling daily checks of equipment and your building, to planning and assigning risk assessments updates to staff - you can track, record and demonstrate your due diligence to any HSE inspector should the worst happen. Not only will this help ensure your staff’s safety, but may also be the key difference in proving you did everything possible to ensure everyone was safe before work even began.

To find out more about Pass Managements Systems benefits check out our Features page today or contact us today to arrange a free WebEx to see the system in action for yourself.

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