Manage your Inventory with Ease!

Manage your inventory with Pass Management Systems

For any business that deals with the buying and selling of physical items, having a strong inventory management system is vital.

Every piece of inventory in stock doesn’t just represents a product to be sold, it also represents the hidden costs of staff, storage space, delivery and marketing as well as various other company costs. For that reason it’s vital that you’re able to track and manage your stock levels efficiently to ensure that you never have too much or too little.

That’s where Pass Management Systems comes in; our system has been designed to offer a comprehensive inventory management system that allows your staff through their own unique login to track and manage the comings, goings and damages of stock 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Based on our brand new secure cloud based servers, the Pass Management System offers an unveiled service like any other that will ensure your company is able to track inventory more efficiently then ever before in real time as well reports, thanks to its easy to use design you wont need any special training - just a login and a Internet connection and you’re off!

So if you’d like to find out more about the system or would like to arrange a WebEx to see how Pass Management Systems can make your day to day life easier, call us on 07733 268 769 or email

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