Driver refused to allow customer on bus with hot drink because of Health & Safety.

This news story had us scratching our heads at first in the Pass office, not because it was obviously hilarious but more because we couldn't work out what would possible trigger this ban on hot drinks.

It was recently reported that a bus driver refused to let one of their passengers on board with a cup of hot coffee on "health and safety" grounds. (Still not sure what these grounds could possibly be...)

Of course there is no occupational Health & Safety legislation stopping people with hot drinks onto a bus, and while the company is free to determine its own policies (maybe spillage or littering in this case), they should not then cop out and blame it on health and safety.

So next time you're getting a bus and are told to leave your hot drinks behind be sure to not only ask why, but to hold on to them tightly so you don't cause the impending tidal wave of scorching hot liquid be can only assume they fear!

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