Bar refused to let customer carry tray of drinks because they had not been 'health and safety tr

Hitting the pub tonight or sometime this week to enjoy this great weather with friends? Better book that, 'drinks tray handling course, level 1' before you do to get up this guys standards!

Drinks tray, pass management systems safety gone wild

Tim Bannister, age35, from Hampshire thought the bartender of a local restaurant was having a laugh when he was told he couldn't have a tray to carry drinks from the bar to his table in a local pub. It turned out that the bar had brought in this daft rule as some bright spark thought only people with specialist training could possible grapple with the rigours of balancing a tray of drinks!

Occupation technical advisor, Tim told the HSE Panel about this ridiculous rule and it agreed it was bizarre to suggest special training was needed for something the customer is likely to do regularly in their own home.

Speaking later, Tim said: "It's was embarrassing but also laughable to be told I wasn't to be trusted with a tray! I have a responsible job and don't appreciate being told I can't handle a tray without training. Of course I knew this was nothing to do with real health and safety which is why I approached the HSE Panel. It seems to me these stupid decisions cause harm to the reputation of real health and safety which is about saving lives of people at work."

Have any of you ever been told you can't have a tray or something similar? Then drop us a comment below and let us know!

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