No fun allowed!

Remember the days where you enjoyed nothing more than chasing your friends around the playground at lunch time?

Well, those days are going to be short lived at one primary school in Wallsend. The Head teacher there is hoping to put an end to all that playground frolic due to health and safety reasons, considering it to be too dangerous for children to run on the tarmac.

This move will no doubt limit the chances of scrapes or broken bones from falling, the children are instead encouraged to run in the field or designated games area. As you can imagine it has been met with great resistance from pupils and parents alike, who again feel as those it may be the nanny state way of life going too far.

However this ridiculous case of #SafetyGoneWild may not be as stupid as it sounds. With extensive personal injury claims on the rise up & down the UK at the moment this Head teacher may in fact be playing it safe this time around.

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