Charity shop has said that they cannot sell knitting needles

#SafetyGoneWild - Pass Management Systems

Maggie, 57, from Homfirth was stunned when she went to her local charity shop to buy some knitting needles and was told the shop did not sell them for health and safety reasons!

At first you might be thinking, well maybe it’s sensible some of the knitting needles you can buy are huge and could easily be used like a knife.

But the trained pediatric nurse smelled a rat and approached Myth Busters who confirmed no health and safety regulations apply to the sale of knitting needles and the panel saw no legitimate health and safety reason which could justify this decision. It urged the charity to reconsider its decision and at least come clean on the real reason for its decision.

Maggie said: "I know often shop assistants just fob you of with the health and safety excuse for everything, often they answer from the top of their heads without even thinking. Once the Myth Busters told me I was correct to doubt the reason I went back to the shop and passed the Myth Busters thoughts on. We shall see if they change their policy"

No news yet if Maggie finally managed to make that jumper, but it has certainly been another case of #SafetyGoneMad for this charity shop.

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