Hold on to your hats folks!

Graduates throw mortar boards into air in celebration

After 3 years of partying and drinking.. I mean learning and character building you can be sure that when graduation finally comes knocking you’ll be filled with a mixture of emotions as you look over the success you’ve achieved.

Maybe you’ll consider taking a classic graduation photo with friends and launch those mortar-boards into the air! Well not at this University folks, one UK University was recently called up by the HSE for their miss use of Health & Safety rules around hat throwing.

Thankfully after some complaints from students a panel came to the smart conclusion that you should indeed be allowed to celebrate as so many before you have done.

One panel member stated; “There is nothing in health and safety law which stops graduates having fun and celebrating their success in the time-honoured fashion!

“What a shame that jobsworths choose to stand in the way of this great photo opportunity.

“If the concern is really about the hats being returned in good condition then the University should say that and not use health and safety as an easy excuse.”

So there we have it folks, another #SafteyGoneWild snippet to lighten your day and show you that the whole world has completed gone safety mad yet!

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