Manage your assets with ease, and now upload them with ease too?

Asset Audit - Pass Management Systems

Recording, uploading and tracking all of your assets can be a real pain, so why do it? Well the good news is now you don’t have too! Enlist the aid of Pass Management Systems staff and we can carry out a full Asset audit for you.

We’ll even input all of your assets into our easy to use software as well as label and number your various assets. With our easy to follow labeling system you’ll be able to easily track and record changes to your assets on a daily basis in a timely and simple manor. Meaning that your business will able to ensure its essential assets stay in a working and legal state for longer, as you would simply need to quote an asset’s number to your maintenance team for immediate repair/maintenance from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Not only will the system allow you to keep your assets in tiptop condition, but it will also store every repair against its number for the life of the asset and beyond. Meaning that you’ll be able to extract exact statistics about the assets running and maintenance cost in minutes.

Another major benefit of having this continually updated and accurate asset system in place is that at a drop of a hat you’ll have a full asset list to hand for your insurance company should you ever need to make a claim.

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