Glow sticks of Death…

Glow sticks banned at Liverpool Echo arena - what is this madness!

Its been a while since our last #SafetyGoneWild story was posted, so to bring a little happiness into your week we thought now was the perfect time to bring you one.

On the chopping board this week, Glow Sticks. Yep that’s right, those small liquid tubes are apparently of grave concern for gig goers across the land. Back in 2013 it appears that Liverpool’s Echo Arena decided enough was enough and put a flat out ban on glow sticks at the upcoming DJ Tiesto gig.

What could the grave danger be I hear you ask, well no it's not that fact that someone could poke your eye out with one - it’s actually because one might spilt and cause a slip hazard to those raving it up like a 3 year old on a sugar high!

Madness rating 10/10: Are glow sticks really the most dangerous thing at a rave? Our guess, no they’re not. So come on Echo, lets us get our glow on!

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